Now we all know that content is king and that all successful brands need consistent, great content on social media to grow, gain awareness and, imperatively, attract new clients.

I’m sure I’m not alone in saying that creating content in ‘real time’ can, at times, be challenging and if, like me, you are looking after more than one account on social media it can prove really challenging.

For me and most of my clients, Instagram is king and I build our social content strategies primarily for this channel and its huge benefits. Instagram is a perfect platform for showcasing consistent content, seeing results through regular engagement, allowing insight into brand stablemates’ aesthetic and offering opportunity for relationship building.

A tool that has been imperative for managing Instagram is super app, Planoly, used in conjunction with real time posting – never, ever forget to do real time!

So here is why I think Planoly is ace:

It is easy to use 

Planoly above all is easy to use, which is a huge plus for an app that’s meant to save you time. You can use it on desktop and mobile and has an easy to navigate grid system easily showing gaps in content, you can upload images really easily and has a drag-and-drop usability that is so helpful as it allows you to see how your feed will look before committing to posting.

It shows you where Instagram is working 

Through a calendar and a grid system (like below) you can quickly see where you are getting the most uptake and interaction for your posts, which images are working and what aren’t, and what days/times work best for you and your audience.

From here, you can really look at what sort of images your audience are responding to. Are they liking the ‘behind the scenes’ ones or the quotes / testimonials or aspirational pics? This can really help structure and define your social strategy going forwards.


You can comment on posts within the app

This is a huge benefit as Instagram on desktop doesn’t allow you to reply to comments which can be pretty frustrating. In Planoly you can do this on a proper keyboard – hurrah!

It lets you schedule Instagram Stories

Yes, that’s right. As well as scheduling your images, you can also schedule your videos and captions to look like its in real time. Good ‘eh?!

The analytics are great 

Now I hold my hands up here to say that I don’t spend enough time on analytics but I am definitely changing that as analytics hold all the answers to success – it all starts with the numbers! Using Planoly’s analytics is simple and it allows you to really see how your engagement is working, right down to exactly what days and times you should be posting for maximum engagement and what types of images or video are getting the most traction and interest. If you dedicate a few minutes a day to use this fantastic function, I’m sure you’ll see results.

Planoly is the gift that keeps on giving…  

Not only is the app great, but Planoly really looks after its users with a brilliant website filled with a great blog oozing useful tips, video and business and lifestyle advice with topics ranging from target audience segmentation to how to be productive working from home. It hosts a series of interviews with kick ass female business owners telling their stories, free hugely useful downloads and inspiration. Love it!