I recently got married which meant I had to take a break from my business which, I’ll be honest, filled me slightly with dread. Not the marrying bit, he’s bloody lovely, but the not being at my computer every day working constantly bit.

Before I got married things were busy – to the point of head spinning Exorcist-like busy as my business was full throttle and I was planning our wedding (why I didn’t get a wedding planner, I do not know), so a much-needed break and time away was essential. But rather than in my old life when I’d switch the out of office on and skip out of the door, this time the pressures of running my own business came on honeymoon with me…for a while.

We were hugely lucky to spend two weeks travelling around the beautiful Sri Lanka (go if you can, it’s amazing) and it was only after the first week that we both properly felt relaxed and switched off. The first week we got ill, we were both worrying a bit about / doing a little bit of work and weren’t fully in the zone, as it were.

The second week was a different story – we relaxed, unwound and just enjoyed every minute and hardly thought about work. What really made me take notice and learn a lesson was that after such an phenomenal time and a full-on week of not even thinking much about my business, I came back to find three new client enquiries, the work I’d done pre-wedding being executed and delivering and, actually, no stress, only growth.

This got me thinking that sometimes we all need to stop, take stock and look after ourselves as if we’re not on good form and just frantically running around the hamster wheel, our business certainly won’t be. When you’re below par, things can be so stressful and even small issues can seem huge. I am a big advocate of self care and being honest with myself, mine was not great before I went away. And my body told me so – I had an eye infection, a cold, wasn’t sleeping great and, despite that, I kept ploughing on.

What this break has taught me is that the business world won’t stop spinning if I step off for a little while. That actually looking after yourself and taking stock is the best medicine for body and soul and that, having returned home, my mind and focus are more enthused about my business and growing it to the next level. It’s a win/win.

Even though this isn’t a marketing post per se, I wanted to write it as I know so many amazing business owners who might be in need of a break and fear stopping as we are the cleaner, accountant, social media person, web designer and strategist all rolled in one. And of course our business will implode if we stop. My friends, I’m telling you it will not. Looking after you is the best medicine for any business success along with huge dollops of preparation and negotiation!

I would love to hear from you if you’ve had a similar experience and how you dealt with it. Be great if you could leave a comment below.