It’s November – can you believe it? This year for me has gone by in a bit of a blur but I’m blaming that on baby and sleepless nights. I’m super excited about this weekend as I’m heading away just me, myself and I and one other thing – my business.

I have wanted to have a ‘business break’ for as long as I can remember and I can’t wait to have some proper time to focus on my own business and the plan ahead.

A big part of this will be planning for 2020, setting goals and crystallising my vision. However, a large part of this time will also be reflecting on the past year and as, I feel, this is the secret to increased future success.

I’m sure a lot of people who run their own business will resonate with the statement when I say that I feel totally different to when I first started out. Back then I was a bit green, a bit of a ‘yes’ person and it has taken a few years to find my feet and really own what I do.

To get me prepared for this weekend and next year in general, here’s what I’ll be reflecting on to facilitate planning for the future. Do let me know if it helps you.


Do you know to the penny how much your business has earnt this year, both net and gross? Do you know how much profit you have made comparable to other years? I have a sort of idea but nothing concrete. After this weekend, those figures will be burnt on my retinas and a fixed target for 2020 will be set.

At the same time, are you on top of your spending? Are all your business expenses necessary, have you got the best deal and are you getting value for money? One thing I did do this year was set up a new bank account (Tide) which has been great as it categorises all payments and expenditure.


I’ll be taking a close look at what I’m farming out, what it’s costing me and what the ROI is as well as other areas that I may need to source some help for (social media scheduling is screaming at me here!). I am a BIG fan of delegation if it makes your business more profitable both in commercial and wellbeing terms.


I am hugely lucky that I have amazing clients but this weekend I will be looking at the work we have achieved together, what’s planned for the future and take some time to think about more ideas of how to work together better.


A question I ask everybody before I start working with them is: What Does Success Look Like To You? as for some it’s taking home a million pounds and having 500 clients, to others it’s being able to have every Friday off to spend with their kids. Success isn’t measured just on bottom line, it’s measured on work/life balance, wellbeing and happiness. So I am going to ask myself the same question – eek! – and put plans in place to make that happen.


Like many of us, I’m so busy doing that I don’t take time to take stock and celebrate the wins and the great things that have happened so I’m definitely going to take time to reflect and do that. There have been so many highlights this year for myself and my clients and next year’s already looking like a corker!