Running your own business is a strange animal – suddenly we’re thrust into the world of ‘owner‘ which can translate to ‘jack of all trades‘ as we are responsible for every aspect of our business: we’re the financial director, head of HR / sales / marketing / social media / strategy, the cleaner, the maker and candlestick maker!

It’s exhausting and completely overwhelming but a lot of us soldier on, working in an arena that isn’t natural to us, trying our best to learn as we go along. I was queen of this as I sat with a mountain of receipts staring blankly at a spreadsheet trying to figure out what to input where. I remember the feeling of being utterly swamped and completely overwhelmed. That is until I realised that help is out there and I needed it.

A lot of us who are running our own businesses feel we can’t afford or justify getting help or delegating the stuff that just isn’t our thing; the stuff we’re crap at and stresses us out. But I’m here to tell you, you can and you need to. Getting an accountant and a VA is the best decision I have ever made as my time is now spent doing what I should be doing – marketing, branding and running events for my wonderful clients. Why I actually started my business for in the first place!

A lot of my clients have been in the same boat and have amazing products or services but just don’t have the time / inclination / knowledge to do their marketing on top of that.  And why should they – it can be a full-time job.

Getting a helping hand can really change your business as it can take your marketing from mediocre to mega by having someone dedicated to you and you brand, bringing their expertise and know-how to the mix.

Here’s a few ways a marketing expert can help you and your business:

We bring other ideas to the party

It’s great that you’ve been chugging along doing your social, the occasional newsletter or blog post but getting an expert eye on your brand could bring other opportunities that could really elevate your brand. We understand your brand and your target audience and devise a succinct strategy to speak to them and tell them, in the right ways, all about your fantastic brand.

We give you time to focus on your offer 

Someone taking the marketing weight off your shoulders is a huge relief and frees up not only time, but headspace, for you to really focus on your offer, strategy and plans to build your business.

We bring a load of contacts 

Often, a marketing expert has worked for a number of great brands and has a great book of contacts that they could get you and your brand in front of. Our networks are usually vast and by getting someone immersed in your brand could open a number of doors that perhaps weren’t available to you previously.

We are there to bounce ideas off 

We’ve all done that sitting-staring-into-space-trying-to-figure-stuff-out thing haven’t we? Just me?! Having someone in your team and on your side who knows your business, your goals and objectives can really help when planning how you want to grow your brand. Once those ideas are formed and a plan is in place, you can let your marketer get on with it and you watch your brand grow.

We hold you accountable for your marketing (nicely, of course)!

Having a regular marketing person working with you ensures you are thinking about your marketing, which is a good thing.