I don’t know about you, but when I’m not feeling 100% I can get really overwhelmed with what I ‘should’ be doing for my business, what expectations there are and what other brands are doing all from social media. This pressure then mounts to the conclusion that I’m not doing enough, which can lead to stress, worry and a feeling of not being good enough. Bleugh.

For example, video. There has been a ‘video’ section on my site for a good few weeks now and being really honest – I don’t want to do them which is why I haven’t. It makes me feel uncomfortable, it makes me cringe seeing myself and I personally don’t watch a lot of them myself – apart from a select few.

As a marketer, I know that video is a hugely useful tool for a lot of brands and I work with my clients to create video to promote their businesses and they work hugely well. And, as I mentioned, I really enjoy watching some others – I love what Carrie Green is doing and the wonderful Cheryl Laidlaw is the Instgram Story queen and is smashing it, but for me, it’s doesn’t feel right and you know what I’ve finally realised – that it’s ok.

Yes, you might hear, “well, video is the future of marketing, you know,” and I’m sure it is and I’m never saying never, but I’m more of a chatty kind of girl and feel the podcast route is more me and my brand and feels right (so watch this space).

This got me thinking about the pressures – as business owners – we face and what we can do when we’re feeling overwhelmed. We are constantly greeted with the ‘ideal’ businesses on social media who have millions of followers, huge interaction and a sparkly brand that seems to generate money every second. But, the big thing here to remember is perception. Yes, there are hugely successful brands out there, yes there are people who are selling online courses by the minute seeing their bank balances rack up all in a full face of make-up wearing Christian Louboutins, but in all honesty these are few and far between and most brands who we think are like this, are not.

The reality is that most business owners are like me and you, normal, and are facing the same challenges and issues that we all do. The pressure to succeed, to commercially grow, to be seen through the right channels by the right audience, and to wear each hat to the best of our ability.

We all know that couple whose relationship on social media is perfect but the reality is very different. I once went away with a couple who spent the entire weekend arguing, ignoring each other and generally being unpleasant but their subsequent social media posts pictured them as a modern day Romeo and Juliet. Again, perception.

Businesses and brands are no different – we only share what we want to be seen in the public domain and we are, rightly, protective of our brand image and what we’re projecting to the masses. Public and private brand personas are very different things and we need to give ourselves a break, be kind to ourselves, have a trusted tribe around you of like-minded business owners who will support you when these days hit and most importantly, remember you’re doing good.

I guess what I’m trying to say is take it easy on yourself, trust your instinct and do what feels right for you and your brand.  And it’s ok to not feel like you have do everything we’re told we ‘should’ be doing.  We’re all different and market our brand in different ways – and if you don’t want to do any marketing, get a me to do it for you! Just find your groove and success will be yours.