Do you send a regular newsletter to your audience? If you don’t, you should definitely start thinking about it.

I have been sending a monthly newsletter now for around two years. And I can’t lie, sometimes it feels a bit of a thankless task; you spend hours perfecting it, getting it to look pretty, filling it with engaging, informative and well-versed content and then, tumbleweed. It’s out in the ether but the ether ain’t talking which can be a bit soul destroying to say the least.

However, what I’ve learnt in my two years of doing this is that this is perfectly normal and relatable. I read newsletters from brands that I have an interest in and I enjoy them and get value from them but do I ever write to that person/brand and tell them that – erm, no.

Us humans, sadly, don’t give praise as much as we should and this is not down to not appreciating things or even wanting to but you know, life gets in the way and we’re busy.

So what I will say is if you don’t get a flurry of emails waxing lyrical about how fabulous your newsletter was, do not worry. Keep on doing what you’re doing and your audience will be appreciating them – all be it silently. How do I know this? Well, I learnt this from a very random email I received about six months ago from a person who I had never met or interacted with. This person told me how they’d been receiving my newsletters for nearly two years, how they’d been enjoying and gaining value from them and how they felt now is the time they wanted to reach out and work with me – and I’m pleased to say we are, very happily!

This re-stated a valuable lesson about consistent communication within marketing – that it does work. Being on the periphery of  your target audience is hugely powerful as when they are ready for your product or service, you are at the forefront of their minds because you are talking to them once a month/once a fortnight/ once a week and have been for a while. They feel they know what you’re about, how you work, how you present yourself, how you speak and the results you achieve so through this constant contact, the ‘getting to know you’ awkward first date is done and you can get cracking with the really interesting stuff together as a level of trust is already established from the client.

Newsletters I believe are imperative to your marketing mix and, what’s more, they cost nothing apart from your time – it’s a win/win. They also raise your credibility, are easily sharable and offer insight into you and your brand.

I work with a lot of my clients on their newsletters and when we first broach it, there can be a feeling of uncertainty and overwhelm and that it’s just ‘too much work’ to put together. But with a bit of organisation and insight, I can safely tell you it’s not.

Ok, in the spirit of honesty, maybe the first one can be a bit laborious as you’re starting from scratch but once that shiny template is done, all you need to do is change the copy and imagery – easy!

How I like to vision my newsletters is to showcase my most recent blog posts, the projects I’ve been working on, my brilliant clients and offering insight and value so people take something of worth away with them. Featuring blog posts allows you to promote them again and, hopefully, get a larger readership and interaction and by offering a clear call to action and understanding of how people can work with you can really raise your profile and understanding for your potential audience.

With platforms such as Mailchimp, there are so many statistics on offer too offering insight into exactly what your audience is  engaging with which was help form your future blogs and offers. A lot of people say to me that they don’t know who to send it to and I always say, start small – ask your family, friends, previous clients, social followers etc if they would like to receive it and make sure you have a sign up box on your site and go from there – organic growth is the best growth so grow your fan base slowly but surely.

And remember you won’t be for everyone – no one is. Find your audience and talk directly to them. Connecting with your audience is one of the keys to a successful business – if they feel like they know you and what you stand for, they will trust you and that’s the most important thing you can wish for.

If you want some help with your newsletters, would like to start one but don’t know how, drop me a line and let’s talk! And if you are sending out a newsletter – let me know, I’d love to read it!