As I’ve been talking about a while now, I am looking to start my own podcast in the new year. I’m currently doing my research, getting terrified and generally feeling hugely out of my comfort zone but I know it’s something I want to do – even if it scares the bejesus out of me (I guess it is Halloween this week!).

Podcasts have become a staple part of my business week and I listen to a lot of them for many reasons: to inspire me, to educate me, to make me laugh and to get to know people in business.

There are loads of podcasts I love and some not so much. The ones that are filled with jargon, over-complicated subject matter and aren’t hugely accessible I tend to avoid. I love ones that I feel I’m in the room with them. I’m lucky enough to have been a guest on two podcasts and I loved the experience on both and I can’t wait to get behind the mic*

*that’s a bit of a lie – I can totally wait!

I wanted to share with you my top 5 podcasts that I listed to regularly and I’d love to hear yours!

Standard Issue

One of my absolute favourites, and I was lucky enough to be a columnist for this wonderful magazine years ago. Now in fully podcast form, Mick, Hannah and Jen never fail to make me laugh and educate me on the wonderful world of us amazing women.

Internet Marketing Podcast

This is one of the UK’s most popular marketing podcasts and I find it really insightful and useful. It’s been going for 10 years is by a team of experts at SiteVisibilty and has nearly 400 episodes, so they’ve pretty much covered anything and everything to do with digital marketing and SEO. They interview amazing people from Google, best-selling authors such as Seth Godin and it’s a great listen. Podcast goals for sure!

The Brighter Marketing Podcast

Canadian company, Brighter Digital have just started their own podcast aimed at small businesses and offers a laymen type of approach and insight to all things digital. Worth a listen and a follow.

Desert Island Discs

I absolutely love Desert Island discs as they never fail to entertain and educate. What I love is that aside from the well-known names and celebrities they feature amazing business owners and entrepreneurs such as Stella McCartney, Tidjane Thiam and Karren Brady. And they’re so relaxing!

Goddess Toe

The wonderful Cory and Cath behind Goddess Toe started this podcast to talk about the reality of being an entrepreneur – warts and all! They are funny, informative and inclusive and they always bring a sparkle to my day. Topics they’ve covered include: dealing with difficult clients, time management and how to be tough, yet fair, in business.

I would love to hear what Podcasts you listen to or if you don’t, why not? As much information and insight would be so useful as I start to tread this unknown path!