“I’m worried about putting my prices up.”

“I don’t want to seem too big for my boots and lose clients.”

“I get nervous and self conscious sharing my business success.”

“I feel like an impostor that’s going to get found out.”

“I don’t deserve to be successful.”

Any of these sound familiar to you and your business?

You’re not alone. I work with a number of clients whose lack of confidence and not knowing their value is preventing them reaching their full business potential. And these are amazing people who have amazing businesses but their personal roadblocks are keeping them and their business stagnant.

As well as being a marketer, I am a qualified life coach and frequently use learned coaching principles with my marketing clients; coaching and marketing are more intricately linked than we know.

I’m very happy to say that over the years I’ve helped clients achieve successes including:

  • Deliver winning pitches worth six figures to their business
  • Increase their prices and gain new business because of it
  • Understand and value their worth and experience
  • Gain significant press coverage for them and their business
  • Manage confrontation in a controlled way and formulate their business dreams alongside a robust plan to achieve them

Being confident and assertive in public and in private is all about control. Controlling your situation, controlling how you are perceived and, importantly, controlling how to deal with the aftermath of pressure.

I am very happy to share with you my FREE tips to help you be more confident in business. Enjoy & share.