Are events a factor in your marketing mix? And by events I mean things such as: product/service launches, a get together for your clients and associates, a networking hub for your business contacts or an annual brand party.

A lot of businesses shy away from events as they think they’re too expensive or too complicated / have little return, but a well-run, memorable event can do wonders for your brand’s awareness and growth. And here’s why:

It builds relationships – in the flesh!

There’s nothing better than face-to-face connections and people remember a face a lot more than an email or a random social post. If you orchestrate a great event, it is a perfect opportunity to invite not only existing clients but potential clients as well as press and influencers in your area.

It gives awareness for your brand and business 

If you market your event well, it won’t only be the people that attend that know about it, but a lot wider reach. Social media is perfect for pushing your event – and it’s free! Desirability is key here; if you event looks enticing, is interesting and engaging, it will attract the right people. You then have them in your arena to showcase your brand – whether that’s with a talk, a short (always keep it short!) presentation, images / products displayed throughout or literature – you own the space to make it completely on-brand – your brand.

It puts you ahead of your competition 

Are other brands in your sector and in your area dong events? If so, what are they doing? What works well and what doesn’t? Really research your competitors and make sure you do it better. If you have a room full of people who have a great time at your event, you have a new band of ambassadors and advocates for your business which is priceless.

It creates memories

Do you remember an event you went to that you loved? Why do you remember it? It’s very often not the events that have a load of money thrown at them that are the most memorable, but the ones that have great attention to detail, offer something different, are very much on-brand and engage you in a specific way. These events are always at the forefront of our minds thanks to the experience we had, the people we met and the venue we went to. It doesn’t have to be expensive, but it has to be authentic to you and your brand.

If you are thinking about running an event, I can help. Drop me a line for a chat and we can go from there.