Now not mentioning any names, but I’ve had a few clients who are doing the dreaded thing – buying data. I understand how it can be tempting – for a tenner I can get 2,000 new followers, what’s not to love? LOADS.

So imagine you have 2,000 friends and you announce some amazing news and only 25 respond. Looks odd and that they don’t care or just aren’t engaged, doesn’t it? Same goes for buying data – as tempting as it is to see the newsletter or social media numbers grow, it’s just not real and can actually do your brand more harm than the desired effect of helping grow it.

It can be frustrating plugging away and growing your followers slowly, I totally understand and I get like that too, but what keeps me going is that the followers I do have have chosen to be there and have an investment in my brand – whether that’s they know me or they have experienced my brand in some way.

Organic growth is key and using your outlets to do that – whether that’s through great social posts, your newsletter being promoted, guest blogging, events, networking, referrals and just getting out there – it all helps and people much remember a face.

For me, I’ve promised myself to commit to more regular content on my social channels (which I do find quite challenging, especially as I’m looking after my clients’ social media daily!), to comment on other posts and to engage with an online like-minded community. What can you promise yourself to do to organically grow your business?