I am thrilled to be working with the uber-talented, Yolande De Vries, on the new arm of her photography business focussing on headshots.

Yolande is a hugely skilled and talented photographer and has built her wonderful business working on both weddings and corporate shots but felt there was an opportunity to really own the headshot market in London and bring all of her experience and knowledge into creating the best possible business shots.

What I love about Yolande is her in-depth knowledge and understanding of both the importance of image and the psychology behind it, and she combines both (alongside being an amazing photographer!) to get the best results for her clients.


Yolande and I are working together to grow her profile in the business world in a digital and social media capacity as well as bringing her brand to life through her blog, allowing her clients an insight into her and her experience and insight.

Our objectives are to cement Yolande as the leading light in headshot imagery in London and to grow her portfolio working with key businesses and brands on their image needs, individually and as a team. I’m super excited to be working with her and please do check out her website and follow her on Instagram!