I love working with start-ups and recently I have been working with new spray tan brand, Hello Sunshine. The task at hand was to look at spray tans and the preconceptions and urban myths surrounding them and build a succinct brand story busting most of these myths and establishing why a spray tan is as part of getting ready as having your nails done.

For me to do this, I firstly had to understand the brand. I have to admit, I was one of those people who have had tanning disasters (both self-inflicted and salon inflicted!) so I definitely had preconceptions of some dodgy 80’s tan and orange fingers, but working with Kate Andrassy (the brains behind Hello Sunshine), I quickly learnt that her offer is a completely different animal. She uses the number one tanning solution in the UK (Sienna X), any skin type can get tanned, it only takes 15 minutes and dries within a few minutes, lasts nearly a week and it’s mobile so Kate and her team come to your house / office with all the gear and you have a natural tan in 15 minutes.

The power of really understanding the brand and the product was the basis for us to work together to define her brand story, her target market and devise a clear message for the marketplace in line with seasonality and now I’m really happy to see Kate grow and get geared-up for the all-important Christmas party season.

For more info on Kate and Hello Sunshine, please go to: www.hellosunshine.london