Not being a parent myself, I wasn’t sure if I was the right fit when brothers Cai and Kyn Taylor approached me more than a year ago to come on board as D.A.D‘s marketing arm. But, not being a parent (or a dad!) has actually been hugely beneficial to my role here as it gives me a different perspective and insight for the audience which filters down into the content and subsequently has helped differentiate us from all the other parenting sites out there.

D.A.D, I am proud to say, is a hub of brilliant, thought-provoking, funny, useful, silly and creative content aimed at parents and dads in particular. During my time there we have worked earnestly to create great, varied writing and have collaborated with amazing writers, brands and businesses who believe in the brand. We are really chuffed that the people that are engaging with us love it and the feedback from people reading it and getting involved has been overwhelming.

From my marketing perspective, we have grown a good presence on social media, have an organic, engaged audience and have a succinct message and offer. There’s still lots to do and we are currently planning big things behind the scenes to expand and grow the team and take D.A.D to the next level as well as launch an events arm in the new year (watch this space).

If you don’t know it. it would be great for you to have a read and tell us what you think. You don’t have to be a parent to enjoy!