For the past few months I have been working with the wonderful Chrissy Reeves. Chrissy is a mental health nurse, psychotherapist, life coach and a certified Rapid Transformational Therapist (Hypnotherapist) and specialises in working with women to improve their lives for the better. Her clients include women that are unhappy or unfulfilled in work, love or life in general and she helps them through a guided process of exploration and discovery and the results are truly outstanding.

Chrissy and I started chatting and she explained that she needed to get herself out there and showcase her business as well as talk about how she works with her clients and the results she was getting. As with a lot of clients, shouting about themselves doesn’t come naturally and it didn’t for Chrissy – which is where I came in.

Straight away, we re-worded her site and re-positioned the messaging and tone to really elevate the amazing results she was achieving and the work she was doing. Then, we formulated a social strategy and built a succinct and regular social media presence on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter leading to higher engagement and interaction. We then built a newsletter to go out to Chrissy’s network telling them of her work, her successes, her tips, alongside insight into her and her business. On top of this we talked to press and engaged with a wider audience to promote not only her business, but Chrissy herself.

It has been great to work with Chrissy and to re-align her brand strategy and shout about this truly life-changing woman.

For more information, please check Chrissy’s site out.