I am hugely excited to have started working with the amazingly talented Antoinette. Antoinette is the founder of the Gravitas Programme and, for the past 11 years, has been hosting talks, programmes and masterclasses teaching and talking about Gravitas and helping leaders, managers and business owners all over the world to increase their presence and leave lasting and influential impacts on their teams.

Before setting up her company, Antoinette worked in PR for many years working with some extremely inspiring female leaders. Despite that, there was a lack of women role models at the top table or on the main stage.  As a 27 year old Senior Account Manager, she was told that if she ever wanted to get promoted – let alone pick up a microphone – she needed to develop more gravitas, which was where the Gravitas Programme was born. She decided to leave PR behind and dedicate her new business to helping others achieve all they deserve.

Having been to one of the wonderful day programmes myself, I can honestly say it helped me immensely. Antoinette goes through with each participant how they present and equally how they are perceived and works together on making subtle shifts to add more gravitas and impact. Apparently I tilt my head to the side when I talk which can show signs of uncertainty – who knew?!

I am really pleased to be working with Antoinette on her two brands: Gravitas and herself as an author and speaker and elevating her profile as an authority in the market place. In February, the brand new Gravitas For Women programme is taking place which we are working together to market and shout about as, as I’ve experienced, everybody should go on it!

Please do give Antoinette a follow in Instagram and watch this space for updates!