Do you blog? I do weekly (well, try to!) and always encourage my clients too also. There are many ideas and theories around blogging and some people love it, others hate it, but blogging can be a vital tool or your business and here’s why:

Blogs really do improve your online presence

By creating regular content you are showcasing not only your business, but your knowledge in your area of expertise which elevates you and your brand and adds credibility. Blogs also improve your ranking on search engines and gain key traction and awareness of your brand which, in turn, can translate into more followers, interaction and clients.

Blogs allow you to have your unique voice

A blog allows you to really speak to your audience and define your language and tone of voice that’s unique to your brand. This is imperative in the market place as it allows you and your brand to stand out. Your blog won’t be for everyone, and that’s fine, but your tribe who follow and enjoy your writing will be key brand advocates and ambassadors which are invaluable.

Blogs allow for varied content and thought

What’s so great about having a blog is the freedom to write about what you want which gives the reader an insight into your thinking, habits and skill. Remember that people reading your blog don’t want to just hear about what you do and what you offer as this can border on sales territory, but they do want to gain insight, value and entertainment – at the end of the day, you want people to enjoy reading your blog whilst gaining knowledge from it. So, mix your content offer up. Why not review a product, offer a competition, share some key tips, write about a client you’re working with or comment on a seasonal happening in line with your service or product. As long as it is written in your language and tone of voice, that will provide the context and succinctness.

Blogs are great for sharing

Don’t just keep your blog on your blog – make sure you post it out on social media, guest newsletters, guest blogs etc and spread your word as much as possible. Make sure you are using the best social platforms for your audience and offer and test what day and times to post in line with uptake and interaction.

Blogs don’t have to be written every day

Remember that the best blog posts are the ones that are interesting and have something to say. If you love writing a post every day then by all means do it, but if you are struggling and that commitment is stressing you out, then do a post when you can. Do what you can do but try and do it regularly.

Blogs are everywhere

Have a look at other bloggers in your industry and see what they’re writing about and follow and share. There are great opportunities to guest blog (which opens you up to a whole new audience) as well as make friends and contacts within your world which can lead to all sorts of possibilities so getting involved in the bigger blogging world is imperative and free!