They say that your vibe attracts your tribe and this week, I have certainly felt a call to arms due to being surrounded by some utterly amazing women who have ignited my drive and ambition.

As we all know, it was International Women’s Day on Wednesday and I was lucky enough to be asked to be part of a panel launching the brilliant f:entrepreneur campaign which highlights amazing women business leaders throughout the UK.  What was posed to us was the word bold (IWD’s leading campaign word) and what bold decisions we made to start our own business and what being bold means to us.


This got me thinking about this word that to be honest, I hadn’t really thought about before. To me, bold translated as being brash and overly confident and described the women that were definitely not in my tribe. But thinking about it in preparation for the panel, it came to mean something else. Being bold is about being brave and confident, courageous and open which is pretty darn cool. The women I have been lucky enough to meet this week were all of those things and each had their own unique and individual story about how they took their proverbial bull by the horns and went for it.

Now, don’t get me wrong these wonderful women and my good self have fucked up good and proper along the way (did I ever mention when I sent some literature to print saying a very, very rude misspelling of ‘can’t’ or when I turned up to host a workshop a day late?). They’re all learnings and mistakes which are good for the soul, if, sadly not for the bank balance but none the less are worth doing and laughing about over a very large G&T after. What I’m saying is being bold doesn’t mean being perfect – it’s the getting out there, doing it, messing it up, dusting yourself off and doing it again and never losing sight of your dream and vision. We are only here once after all and if you have always wanted to open a ten pin bowling alley with a swing music soundtrack then you should bloody well go and do it!