Welcome to
Hotsy Totsy!

Hotsy Totsy is a club for amazing businesswomen who want to be inspired, empowered and ignited, all while enjoying some gorgeous food and drink in one of London’s beautiful venues.

The Supper Club

I want to bring phenomenal women together for insightful conversation, laugher and sparkle…with a little decadence thrown in. I want Hotsy Totsy to be the date on your calendar that you count down the days for, the place where contacts, collaboration and magic happens…and I want to take you to some of our capital’s hidden gems.

The Hotsy Totsy plan is that it starts as a Supper Club. This will consist of a dinner every 2 months in a top London eatery. The venue will change with each event so the price will vary, however, the promise of a great time with like-minded ladies will not.

And then? Well, let’s see how it goes!

The aim is high! When the desire is there, I will launch Hotsy Totsy drinks, talks, workshops, day trips, theatre trips – the works. Let’s see how high we can kick and go from there?!

You in?

Please register your interest here by filling in the form
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There is no membership fee currently,
just the cost of a seat at the table.

How did you hear about us?

We will be in touch soon with the details of the first event!

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Here’s to fun, frolics and fascinating chat.