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As a brand, your social media acts as a window to your potential clients to showcase who you are and what you’re about.

Quite often, brands aren’t using their social media presence to its full potential and not thinking about every emotion that is connected with it. The most successful brands mix their offer well and use a number of emotions to appeal to their audience. For example a typical week’s posts can include: a practical tip, an aspirational client piece of work, a behind-the-scenes insight, a humorous comment / share and a authoritative comment on something going on in their industry.

Having this mix gives huge depth to a brand and allows the audience to have a good grasp of what the brand does, what its values are, who is behind the brand and what makes it tick.

When planning your social strategy, think about what emotions you are tapping into and when you are doing this. For example, are you taking advantage of the #TBT trending hashtag on a Thursday and using this as an opportunity to shout about something brilliant you’ve done. Maybe start  your own #Tips series offering your audience an exclusive tip to help them and which also cements your authority in that subject area or showcase one of your products on the same day once a week as a #productfocus series allowing you to talk in more depth about your offer.

It’s worth looking at other brands in your arena who are using social well and why this is. What are they doing that you could adopt?

Also, remember social scheduling is your friend. Use platforms such as Hootsuite or Buffer to plan your social strategy to avoid that overwhelming feeling of having to post something new and creative every day.

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