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Through insight, experience and understanding I work closely with you to fully understand your business and construct an impactful marketing plan in line with your budget and goals.

I can:

  • Create your brand bible: your mission statement, values and goals

  • Determine and understand your target audience

  • Build you a clear customer profile

  • Construct a succinct marketing plan directed to your target audience

  • Attain a higher footfall for your brand – physically and digitally

  • Help you achieve commercial growth

  • Offer specific insight on how to tell your story in the press

  • Copywriting and editing

  • Organise and run inspirational and memorable events

  • Build a clear social media strategy to bring your brand to life

I work with you to construct in-depth marketing strategies, both online and offline, ensuring brand message is fully communicated and understood by target audiences through the most relevant vehicles. Together, we then analyse results and learnings to formulate future marketing activity.

“Karen came on board and took us to a new level with her marketing, writing and event management skills. A pleasure to work with – she really does impact brands for the better.”

Kyn Taylor, D.A.D

“Straight away Karen felt like a friend. She is so resourceful and her network base is brilliant and she came up with a winning plan even during our first conversation.”

Sofia Olins, Lost In Vagueness

“Karen is indeed inspiring – she is a joy to work with, always smiling and positive, and always right on it! I would definitely recommend working with this formidable lady.”

Michelle Ovens, M.B.E, Small Business Saturday / f:Entrepreneur

“Always professional and diligent, but equally creative and innovative, Karen is a great to work with – a brilliant organiser and always operates with great integrity.”

Simon Boyd, Festival No.6

“After just one meeting with Karen I immediately felt the benefits of her marketing expertise; she helped me plan the development of a new product and helped me build brand awareness through her contacts and industry knowledge.”

Emily Garland, Maid of Gingerbread

“The Brand Beautiful workshop was an amazing experience; I still can’t quite believe how much we covered in one day. It was a truly inspiring and I have already gained so much.”

Nic Kemp, Oonami